Interior Products

A well-designed workplace combined with aesthetically designed interiors and branding increases productivity, employee morale and amplifies overall human potential. At Blue Pebble, Design is our core to everything we do and hence our services are tailor-made to each of our client’s specific workplace design requisite.

Stone Cladding

Our stone cladding collection offers a compelling substitute for conventional exterior walls, redefining the way you envision and create your spaces. Ultra-Light Weight: Experience the beauty of natural stone with the added advantage of an ultra-light profile, minimizing structural stress. Easy Installation: We simplify the installation process, saving time and effort. No Mining, Eco-Friendly, and Green Certified: Crafted from recycled materials, stone cladding is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious projects. Thermal Insulation: Tailored to suit India’s diverse climatic conditions it offers superior thermal insulation, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency year-round.

Breeze Block

At the core of our breeze blocks is a commitment to redefine design through tailored precision. Crafted from environmentally conscious concrete, these pre-fabricated structures represent the epitome of customization in architecture. Whether it’s altering thickness, playing with intricate designs, or experimenting with other personalized elements, breeze blocks offer a canvas for your creativity.

As a cost-effective alternative to pricey glass facades, these blocks make custom design accessible without compromising on visual appeal.

Metal Ceiling

We specialize in the production of metal ceilings, customized metal facades, and metal cladding profiles to meet the increasing demand for creative ceiling, facade, and cladding solutions. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive engineering solutions to our clients, including experienced technician supervision throughout the execution phase, ensuring precise and flawless implementation.


Seamless, vibrant and full of character, our carpets collection is perfect for commercial applications. We offer a wide range of in-house selection of solution dyed colors and patterns in a variety of tufting styles. You can choose from our wide varieties of broadloom and carpet tiles. Combining high-performance technology with craftsmanship, our in-house team creates original and unique designs to suit every taste and requirement.

Cladding Classics

Bluepebble Clay Bricks, a testament to elegance and quality, caters to every interior and exterior, residential, and commercial need. Our diverse range boasts impeccable quality, a captivating appearance, and a tactile texture that will leave you ecstatic. These bricks with remarkably low water absorption, have set new industry standards. Let us be your partners in crafting environments that inspire.

Design is in our DNA