British Petroleum | Pune

The things in our home are more than just things. Objects trigger emotions and at times they become conversational starters, or become that one favourite corner in the house! Post covid and after several months of WFH – here was an office space that gave same the environment to its employees along with the regular perks of a physical office space.

The interiors team at Blue Pebble, gave each zone its identity, Added warmth through ‘made in India’ sourced cushions and throws. It was complimented by little artefacts, a lamp in a corner or Indian patterns pouffes. Several elements and objects which you see in a typical Indian household were added to the regular office furniture – for that extra spark of joy and belongingness.

As you walk around the corridors, the glimpse of India is reflected through varied layers. A wallpaper that reflects on the beautiful peacock feathers, a work-café wall that gives ode to the Mughal times or the main reception, which has a large showcase of artefacts symbolising various states in the country and so on.


Design is in our DNA