To remodel and re-design the future of work at ‘The Nest’, Gurgaon has been an exhilarating experience. To work with powerful and iconic brands like Nescafe, Kitkat and Maggie to name a few, the entire workplace branding was created on a single template, inspired from each brand’s packaging look and feel. The central atrium carries a triple height-ceiling portrait of the founder Sir Henry Nestle created in a mosaic art thru various forms of packing material. The breakout zone on each floor, takes employees down the memory lane with Maggie, or with brewing of Nescafe coffee mugs installation and to playing a sport as you take a break to have kit-kat. As the regional head office, a large wall mural was created in the cafeteria to showcase the journey of the brand through India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. To work for an iconic brand with a legacy over a century truly led us to echo: Good Food, Good Life and a Good Office!


Design is in our DNA